Power Cling - Magnetic Earphones and Cord Holder

  • Power Cling is the easy to use solution for magnetically attaching your earphones to your clothes, inside your car, or just about anywhere.  Your earphones are always within hands reach so you can enjoy Music and Phone Calls without the hassle of searching for them and annoying tangled wires.

  • This patent pending device uses powerful magnets so just “Cling It” to your clothes, car’s dashboard, or almost any other surface.  Then your earphones can simply magnetically attach to the device.  AMAZINGLY SIMPLE!!


    -Attaches to your clothes.  It can be used in Multiple Sports – Running, Cycling, Yoga, Gym, and more.

    -Attaches to many styles of Computer Monitors.

    -Attaches to many styles of Auto Dashboards.

    -Securely holds earphones on the device when not in use.  Fits many styles of headphones

    -Helps keep earphones in your ears by holding cord to your clothing.

    -Helps keep the cord of the earphones from becoming tangled by not having to store them in an inconvenient location such as a shirt pocket or car glove box.

  • Designer ArtizanWork, Inc.
    Item # 0608
    Material Neodymium Magnets, Metal, Plastic

    Power Cling Mini:  Primary color is clear plastic

    Power Cling Classic:  Primary color is white.


    Power Cling Mini = .75 x .55 x .26 inches; Power Cling Classic = 1.1 in x 1.1 in x .35 inches;

    Power Pad = .75 x .75 x .12 inches

    Included Power Cling Mini, Power Cling Classic, Power Pad, Packaging
    Shipment Time 1 week (approx)

    Compatibility:  Works with many “earbud” style earphones on the market.  The Apple iPhone earphones are considered to be the gold standard in the industry and the Power Cling works great with them and similar earphones that have a similar size and shape.  

    Attachment Surfaces:  The Power Cling uses very strong Neodymium magnets.  It can attach to thin and thick garments.  We have tested it on very thin athletic T-shirts to heavy winter jackets.  Also, it can attach to any magnetically attractable surfaces such as an auto dashboard, computer monitor, locker, equipment, and etc.  These surfaces often have a decorative exterior made of plastic, wood, and other materials but have magnetically attractable metal parts that are embedded deep within them.  The Power Cling is magnetically attractable to these metal parts.  Consult with your appropriate original equipment manufacturers before using the Power Cling near any item(s) to determine if magnetic devices should be used near them.

    Warranty:  ArtizanWork, Inc. offers a “Limited Warranty” on Power Cling products manufacturing defects only. Misuse, abuse or wear from regular use does not constitute or qualify for “Limited warranty” eligibility. The period of the “Limited warranty” is (1) one year from the purchase date, purchase must have occurred within the United States from authorized Power Cling resellers only, sales made through online or live auction sales are not eligible for “Limited warranty”, counterfeits are not eligible for “Limited warranty” and “Limited warranty” submission requires an original or copy of the purchase receipt. Damage to other non-Power Cling products used in direct or indirect relation to Power Cling products are not eligible for “Limited warranty”.  ArtizanWork, Inc. reserves its right to substitute a Power Cling product that is covered under this “Limited Warranty” with a non-defective exact or similar equivalent product, repair or issue a direct refund.

    Safety Warnings:  The Power Cling products use strong magnets to provide its clinging properties.  ArtizanWork, Inc. will not be responsible for personal injury or property damage resulting from the misuse of our products! Please use caution and common sense, and please read and understand our safety warnings below.

    -Never allow magnets to impact one another without a piece of clothing or similar material in between. Allowing magnets to impact one another may result in product damage or personal injury.

    -Keep out of reach of children.  Although magnets can be wonderful tools and highly useful, these are not for small children. Small children should not be allowed to handle any of our magnets at all! Older children should handle them only after receiving adult training.

    -Pacemakers and Defibrillators.  Pacemakers and defibrillators can be sensitive to strong magnetic fields. If you or someone in your household has a pacemaker or defibrillator, or has health issues that require that you wear electronics of any sort, avoid magnets completely until you consult your doctor.

    -Pinch and Eye Hazard.  Strong magnets can pose a serious pinch hazard due to their attractive force on each other and to any metal object containing iron. Usually surprise is an issue--they can jump out of your hands and snap together from a surprising distance before you realize what is happening. ALWAYS use a strong grip and concentration when handling magnets.  Persons with ear or body piercings should exercise caution when using the Power Cling as the magnets within the device may pull or pinch at the metal in the earrings, studs, etc.

    -While we are not aware of any health risks, pregnant women should consult their doctor before using the Power Cling.

    -Washing and Drying Machines.  Never allow your Power Cling to go through a washing or drying machine while attached to any article of clothing as this may create unwanted wear on your garments.


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