About Us


"We combine “Handmade” with Art and Science to make creative gifts that traditionally have been impossible to make."


About Us
ArtizanWork is an Award Winning Design studio that creates Jewelry, Art, and Fashion Accessories.  We combine “Handmade” with Art and Science to make creative gifts that traditionally have been impossible to make.

We are skilled in traditional handcraftsmanship methods such as metal working, mold making, and casting. Also, we are skilled in advanced methods such as Digital Fabrication including 3d printing.  Combining both traditional and advanced methods allow us to make items that were once impossible to make.  Basically, whatever you can imagine, we can make.  A lot of our work is reminiscent of forms found in nature because their earthy shapes are mesmerizing and timeless.

We create with precious materials such as gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds.  Also, we use lower cost materials such as stainless steels and nylons in order to make our work affordable.  We believe that the value of art is in its creativity rather than the value of its material.  We are also an Eco-conscious company by choosing manufacturing techniques and other processes that reduce our total carbon foot print.

All of these things set us apart from others and make our creations the perfect gift.

Our Story
The idea that eventually led to a business began in 2000, when I bought custom handmade wedding rings to realize that they were imperfect - misshaped and the stones were misaligned.  Being a designer myself, I set out to improve the way jewelry, art, and fashion accessories are traditionally made by merging “handmade” with “science” to combine all of the good qualities of “handmade” with the precision found in science.  For example, in my wedding rings, I would keep the brush marks and dimples made from the artisan’s hand tools because I love the character that it adds but I would do away with the issues with the misalignment of the stones and misshaped band.  Also, the use of science with “handmade” would allow me to push the boundaries of design and create forms that were once impossible to make. 

In order to achieve this ambitious goal, I assembled a team of distinguished artisans from both the Arts and Sciences to assist me in tackling this problem.  Collectively, we have degrees in Jewelry Design, Industrial Design, and Mechanical Engineering with professional artisanship experience creating items for luxury jewelers, fashion brands, and other global companies.   Combined with my personal over 15 years of experience in design, manufacturing, and technology, ArtizanWork was born in 2012 with the mission to make creative items that push the boundaries of design and craftsmanship.

Our Founder and Chief Artisan
Marlon Artis has over 15 years of professional design experience and holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Design and an MBA.  He started his career as a product designer but quickly moved up to become a Lead Engineer in a private firm that designs advanced technology products such as Anthropomorphic Test Devices (human-like test robots) for global companies such as Honda Motor Corporation – Japan and the US Department of Transportation.  Later he moved on to become an executive in a large global company in the Home Décor and Medical Device Industries where he led North American Operations.  He then moved on to start ArtizanWork in 2012.