Bouquet - Wine Bottle Sleeve (**Award Winner**)

  • “Bouquet” is a personalized Champagne / Wine Bottle Sleeve made exclusively for you. It is the perfect gift for any occasion (Wedding, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and etc.) where you simply would like to transform that boring bottle into an elegant centerpiece whether using it on a bridal table at a Wedding or to just enhance your Home Décor.

    It is artfully designed and filled with exceptional details such as multiple layers of roses, similar to an actual bouquet of roses. Also, it uses an intricately designed chain system that resembles a long spreading rose vine. In addition, it has been meticulously designed with easily adjustable linkages and a flexible bottom section to fit various traditional bottle shapes. To make this piece extra special, the name tag can even be personalized with any message that is special to you. 

    Due to the intricate and fine detail of this piece, it is constructed by the state of the art process of laser sintering nylon powder together (aka 3d printing) to form a strong and flexible object. It is a high quality work of art and is considered to be a craftsmanship marvel because it would be impossible to make by any other method besides 3d printing.

    Refer to the features brochure (included in the images above) to learn more about what makes this piece extraordinary. 

    It is available in white or red, the two most common colors of roses. White roses are a traditional symbol for purity, remembrance, and spirituality. Among other occasions, they are commonly used in weddings. “Bouquet” in white would make the perfect centerpiece on the bridal table at a wedding or an elegant gift for any other special occasion. 

    Red Roses are a traditional symbol for love and romance. “Bouquet” in red would make the perfect gift for your loved one.



    “The elegance of the “Bouquet” bottle sleeve reminds us of my wife’s wedding dress. Since it is personalized with our names and our marriage date, we keep it displayed in our home all year as a constant reminder of that special day and a symbol for how much we love each other. It is the perfect keepsake and I dedicate this to her.” (M. Artis - Creator of “Bouquet”)

  • Designer ArtizanWork, Inc.
    Item # 0580
    Material Nylon 
    Color White or Red
    Dimensions 9.9 x 5.0 x 4.4 inches
    Included Bottle Sleeve, Packaging
    Shipment Time 2 weeks (approx)

    *  Due to the hand dyeing process and the artistic nature of this piece, the color may vary from what is shown.   

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