Pomegranate - Necklace (Sterling Silver or Gold)

  • Inspired by pomegranates.  This is an abstract piece that uses negative space to positively enhance its elegance, drawing on the concept that “less is more”. 

    Once you are able to visualize the essence of a pomegranate in its form, the pendant becomes mesmerizing. The form of the pendant was created to be sized proportionately similar to a pomegranate while using a series of organically shaped leaves to create the overall roundness shape.

    Each highly polished sterling silver leaf is curved meticulously so that light will sparkle from the tips and edges of their surfaces.

    At about 1.4” tall, the pendant is sized so that its simple but elegant beauty can be seen from afar.

    The pendant includes a long and shiny, 30 inch sterling silver chain.


    Both pendant and chain are sealed with a tarnish resistant finish.

    *Solid Sterling Silver Price is Shown.  Contact us for Pricing on Gold (14K, 18K, yellow or white).*

  • Designer ArtizanWork, Inc.
    Item # 0514
    Material -Pendant: Sterling Silver w/ tarnish resistant finish
    -Chain: Sterling Silver w/ tarnish resistant finish
    Color -Pendant: Shiny Silver
    -Chain: Shiny Silver
    Dimensions -Pendant: 1.4 x 1.1 x 1.1 inches
    -Chain: curb link chain; 30 inches long
    Included Pendant, Chain, Packaging
    Shipment Time 4 weeks (approx)

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