Nylon Gifts - How It's Made

At ArtizanWork, we strive to innovate by using creative techniques.  One such technique is the method in which we sculpt our nylons in order to form creative jewelry, sculptural art, iPhone cases, and gifts for your home.

We use a state of the art process known as additive manufacturing (also known as 3d printing) where a high precision sculpting laser fuses nylon powder together, layer by layer, until it forms the object that we imagined.  Pieces that were once impossible to make exclusively by traditional craftsmanship techniques such as hand sculpting, casting, and molding are now possible with our technique. 

We combine traditional and modern techniques to innovate highly complex pieces that are seamless (Note: Seams are the unsightly lines in an object where multiple parts are joined together in order to form a single object.).  Although very unsightly, seams are common in today's products (i.e. jewelry, art, clothing) because there hasn't been a better way until now to produce them without seams.  Just like a diamond where a higher quality diamond has no inclusions or flaws – we consider “seams” to be a flaw.  Our sculpting lasers produce seamless gifts that show it’s a high level of quality.

After the piece is formed, we hand dye every piece (except white is kept natural) and then hand finish them with multiple layers of a clear coating which seals and protects them from stains.

Our exceptional level to detail with the creativity and craftsmanship that goes into our nylon pieces make them the perfect gift.  A gift that you will enjoy sharing the story of “how it’s made” with everyone.

 *Dyeing and clear coating are applied only when stated in the individual product descriptions.