Power Cling - Magnetic Earbud and Cord Holder


Power Cling is the easy to use solution for attaching your earphones to your clothes, inside your car, or just about anywhere.  Your earphones are always within hands reach so you can enjoy Music and Phone Calls without the hassle of searching for them and annoying tangled wires.



Power Cling Set Includes 

(2 Power Clings in 1 Set)

Sale Price = $24.98 ($29.98)

Set Includes:

-Power Cling Mini - Great for when you desire a small device that hides discreetly on your clothes or other surfaces.

-Power Cling Classic - Great for when you desire more clinging power to attach to more surfaces.  It works with the Power Cling Mini.

-Power Pad - It hides discreetly under your clothes and is used to magnetically attach the "Mini" or "Classic" through your clothes or other surfaces. 




Easy To Use - Power Cling "Mini"


Easy To Use - Power Cling "Classic"

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