Silhouette Jewelry - Photo Submission Guidelines

Upload a photo

Every jewelry item is individually handcrafted using your photo as a guide.  We can process a side view facial photo of any person (child or adult) or pet.  Also, we can process a front view facial photo of an infant.  Examples are below.



1. Photos can be taken with any camera including your smart phone, tablet (i.e. iPhone, iPad, Galaxy, and etc.) or by a professional photographer.  Just be sure it is taken in a well lit room and your face is not blurry.  The clearer the photo, the more detail we can add to your custom charm.

2. Resize the photo so it is under 1 MB.

3. Upload the photo in either "jpg" or "bmp" format.  These are standard formats for photos and used by most smart phones.

4. If you are unsure about if your photo is acceptable, don’t worry, we review every order in detail and will contact you should we require a new photo.  Just proceed with your order and upload your photo.  Otherwise, feel free to call (301.591.4016) or e-mail us should you need further assistance.