Stainless Steel Infused with Bronze - How It's Made

At ArtizanWork, we strive to innovate by using creative techniques. One such technique is how we infuse our stainless steel with bronze.  This is done by using our unique process where we bake bronze powder under extreme heat onto stainless steel.  The bronze becomes impregnated within the stainless steel making it a very durable "hybrid" material and it also creates some stunning aesthetic qualities such as providing our pieces with a warm, nature-inspired colored hue.  Depending on the amount of bronze powder used, we can adjust the color of our pieces from a vintage silver to a rustic brown color.

The bronze powder also adds an artisanal texture to our pieces which gives it a hand sculpted look.  We then hand finish every piece with multiple layers of a durable clear coating which seals and protects them from tarnish and dirt.

This exceptional level to detail and the warm hand sculpted look of our stainless steel pieces makes them the perfect gift.