Snowy Owl - Brooch (**Award Winner**)


    (This Award Winning Brooch was featured in the 1st Asian 3d Print International Fashion Show hosted by famous fashion designer Melinda Looi and Materialise on June 14th, 2013 in Malaysia.  Currently, they cannot be purchased online but if you are interested in purchasing a pair, please e-mail us directly for an off-line quote.)

    This bold and beautiful brooch is inspired by owls and was artfully designed to appear as if it had just flown and landed on a twig that is attached to your garment.  While elegant, it’s also whimsical, with a freely moving set of eyes and feathers that can bounce when the brooch is shaken such as during walking. 

    The brooch can be worn on almost any jacket or shirt due to its meticulously designed articulating clip on its back surface.  You just clip it on and rotate the owl to its perfect position.  The owl will then self-lock in that position.

  • Designer ArtizanWork, Inc.
    Item #  
    Material Nylon
    Color White
    Shipment Time  


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