The Ultimate in One-Of-A-Kind Jewelry: Neiman Marcus Sells 3D Silhouette Jewelry by ArtizanWork

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Posted on Dec. 6, 2013 by ArtizanWork

Honor a loved one around your neck or wrist with the ultimate in one-of-a-kind jewelry.

Now available at luxury retailer Neiman Marcus, consumers can customize your own ArtizanWork 3D Silhouette Charm.

These stunning charms are unique because the consumer can simply upload a photo of him/herself, a child, or a pet and ArtizanWork will then sculpt your raised silhouette onto a precious jewelry charm.  “Traditional silhouette charms are flat or 2D while our charms are a 3D likeness of you.  It’s amazing - you can see and feel every detail.  We make them by combining “Handmade” with Art and Science.” says the Designer and Founder of ArtizanWork, Marlon Artis.

The charms can be worn on a necklace or bracelet and is made in either solid sterling silver or gold.  Some examples:

-        Parents, Grandparents, and Military Personnel can create charms of their children, grandchildren, spouses, pets, and other loved ones. 

-        Brides and Grooms can create charms to remember that special occasion and also give them as gifts to family and friends including those in the bridal party.

“We are delighted to partner with Neiman Marcus and to be the first designer to offer beautiful and creative custom jewelry of this kind to a major US retail store.  Also, I am proud that I can help the economy by making these charms here in the US.” says Marlon.

The 3D Silhouette Charm collection can be purchased on the Neiman Marcus website,, or the ArtizanWork website,


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