Spiral Bamboo - Necklace (Stainless Steel)

  • This necklace is inspired by the Feng Shui plant called “lucky bamboo”. It was created in hopes of bringing good luck and fortune to those who wear it.
    In a “lucky bamboo” plant, the spiral shapes are created by regularly rotating the plant so that it will grow towards the sunlight.
    This process was artfully represented here in this piece. 
    Also, the pendant is long, slender, and very comfortable to wear.
    The pendant is made from durable stainless steel infused with bronze which gives it a warm, earthy, and handcrafted look.

    It is then hand finished with a high quality tarnish resistant protective coating.

    It also comes with a comfortable to wear, handmade leather cord.

  • Designer ArtizanWork, Inc.
    Item # 0582
    Material Pendant:  Stainless Steel infused with Bronze.  Also with tarnish resistant protective coating.
    Cord:  Leather 
    Color Pendant:  Rustic Brown
    Cord:  Brown
    Dimensions Pendant:  1.6 x 0.9 x 0.9 inches
    Cord:  18 inches
    Included Pendant, Cord, Packaging
    Shipment Time 4 weeks (approx)

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